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ALAA has created these forms  for ALAA club members. We ask you fill them out, keep a record in your club files, and send the form to: fieldtrip@amlands.org. The purpose of the forms to have on file with ALAA a record of trips to the various sites for use when government officials challenge the use of those sites.ALAA will be a third party for those clubs who collect on private land. ALAA WILL NOT SHARE INFORMATION WITH OTHER CLUBS. The information will only be use with permission from those clubs regarding government issues on the sites involved.

  • Government Land Collecting Site Database Form.  Download Form Here (PDF)
    Private Land Collecting Site Database Form.         Download Form Here (PDF)
  • This is the simple Journal to document your Field Trip Activities and record the access routes needed to get to and from collecting sites. 
    Download and print this PDF file by clicking here!
  • This data will be useful when asked to submit comments to Public Land Managers during the Public Comment Period on potential Public Land Access Closures proposals. 
    Your information could save your collecting sites from route closures and access restrictions.....

Please save a copy of the completed forms for your files and send a copy (PDF or jpg) to fieldtrip@amlands.org for inclusion in the ALAA Database.


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Cinnamon Geode Beds in the Colorado Desert in Southern California

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