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'Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Projects" These are the new buzz words for the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA).  At the bottom of this page are hyperlinks to the Federal Register where all that is stated below can be verified. 

Here are some examples from email threads that brought this to our attention. Remember these are emails and may not represent the pollicies or opinions of the American Lands Association, inc,, its Board of Directors, Officers  or members.  It is only listed as referance and as an example of the EPA Proposed Changes as recorded in the Federal Register linked at the bottom of the page.

 A story about the Mexican Gray Wolf in Arizona

The most contentious and largest comment record in history, the Mexican Gray Wolf DEIS and DOI, is right where we routinely work in Eastern Arizona. The hearings were not even going to be held where the habitat is, the agency instead initially choosing to hold hearings in Sacramento and Denver for Critical Habitat in AZ and NM...until we threatened litigation. So, now you have the hearing located right where it belongs, in the heart of the impacted area and what occurs?  Tour buses with scheduled pick-up sites around the U.S., charter services, etc. from the reaches of NY, WI, MI. MN, CA, OR, WA, you name it, to flood the hearings with leftist propaganda.

Hey, at least this new system will allow them to do the same thing with less expenditures, meaning they won't suck as much of their funding from litigation pots like the Equal Access to Justice Act, ultimately saving tax dollars. That is a joke, albeit not a very good one, but when I found that item on my daily perusal of the Fed Reg, I thought some folks might find it of interest.

Last year I ran across inputting online information about critical habitat. I can go to the location of the proposed critical habitat, and then input my observations. These observations would be interpreted according to my status as a scientific investigator.However, my assessment here is that as a result of countless confrontations with citizens at public hearings, the Feds would like smooth sailing in administering their agendas, and are now proposing the Citizen Science as a way to satisfy the legal requirement to hold public hearings. This will also allow individuals from far away places easy access to participate in this which looks more like an opinion poll.

Scientific Corruption Read the first couple paragraphs at least of the abstract. It is remarkable. The agency proposes to replace quantitative research and peer reviews, with qualitative "data" derived from "citizen science" and "crowdsourcing techniques," in other words, opinion polls...whatever the polls say it can get away with.The state governments must stand up, band together, and exercise their jurisdiction to nullify this extra-constitutional foreign federal nation, or everything Western Civilization accomplished over the past two millennia will slide into oblivion and erased from history.

It looks like, if this proposal is implemented, citizens and banner wavers will have as much infleuence on Land Management as do scientific reasearch establishments and experts in the scientific field.  The EPA and other Governmant Agencies will be allowed to make management dessissions based on non-scientific lobby opinion polls

Extracted from the Federal Register - Citizen Scienceand Crowdsourcing Project

Ferderal Register - Proposed Information Collection Request; Comment Request; Generic Clearance for Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing Projects (New)

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