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Give the GIF of Preparadness.................

On Saturday, April 30 – National PrepareAthon! Day – help spread the importance of taking a preparedness action, and most of all have fun doing it!

Share the preparedness GIF image on your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. You’re encouraged to use the below social media content, but get creative and make it your own.

Include the below language with the GIF on April 30:

Twitter:Our emergency kits are ready. Now it’s your turn to #Prepare and Share. Visit ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon

Facebook:Do your #weekend plans include making an #emergency kit? Visit ready.gov/prepare #PrepareAthon #springtime #weather

Download the GIF by following the below steps:Click on the link to open the animated image: http://1.usa.gov/20Y5dqo. Save it to your computer or mobile device. Share the file on your social media channels.

Sharing on Social Media:

Some social media platform like Facebook may require additional steps to upload a GIF. For Facebook, you must:Go to Settings>Videos>Auto-Play Videos and turn “Auto-play” on. Copy and paste the following in the body of your post: http://1.usa.gov/20Y5dqo.

Don’t forget to also follow #PrepareAthon to see the nationwide preparedness activities happening.