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Changes May Be Coming in Fossil Collecting Laws
H 3982  Is before the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislater

“We recently learned that the Massachusetts Legislature has a proposed House Bill, No. 3892 that proposes a commission to investigate Mineralogical, Paleontological and Archeological resources in the state, that may ultimately affect your ability to collect minerals and fossils on state and private properties. The bill was introduced in May and was brought to our attention in a recent newspaper article.

“Archeologists, paleontologists, and geologists are calling on the Legislature to advance a bill that they say would help bring clarity to outdated and vague laws around recovering, studying, and protecting fossils and artifacts. The push follows a spike in popularity around finding fossils in Massachusetts as a result of the campaign to create an official state dinosaur.”

We will follow the legislation process, but in the meantime, it is advised that all collectors, rock shop owners, and fossil dealers residing or doing business within the state, read the current bill and contact your local legislators in both the Massachuesetts House and Senate.” From the Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences    Updates on the progress are available through the Hyperlink below:


You can read the current status on the proposed bill and read the proposed bill on the State Website:   https://openstates.org/ma/bills/192nd/H3982/

This bill could have a large impact on Recreational Rockhounding in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This bill creates a commission and the commission could create and introduce new bills which could limit the Recreational Rockhounding in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.